How We Celebrate World Mental Health Day

mental health

Due to the prevalence of mental health concerns, odds are that you or someone you know will experience mental health challenges like depression, PTSD or substance abuse at some point. Despite this, you might struggle to picture a culture that encourages all people to prioritize and invest in their mental health. That’s one reason the World Health Organization dedicated this upcoming Saturday, Oct. 10, as World Mental Health Day.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented, ongoing worldwide crises, making this year’s World Mental Health Day more crucial than ever. What are some ways you can observe this unique occasion while focusing on improving your mental health?

1. Volunteer or Donate

In 2020, initiatives such as the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted the cultural disparities and racial divide in American society. Why not get involved in that worthy cause or another one close to your heart by volunteering or donating to help them make an even more significant impact? It’s up to you whether you support a nationwide organization, or stay small and local. The essential thing is to share your resources wherever you have them to spare.

2. Spread Kindness

One of the best ways to boost your mood is to spread joy and kindness to those around you. In these challenging times, we could all use a little bit of extra happiness in our lives. Make time for frequent check-ins with friends and family to remind them how much you care. If you’re lucky enough to have food security despite the economic challenges brought about by the pandemic, set up a free food pantry in your neighborhood and fill it with nonperishable goods.

3. Try Aromatherapy

There is a demonstrated connection between our sense of smell and our mood. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that uses natural plant extracts to promote well-being. You can experiment with this at home by investing in an essential oil diffuser and discovering various scents that energize or relax you. For example, peppermint and eucalyptus can help clear your mind, whereas lavender and sage are calming. Try adding aromatherapy to a self-care habit like meditation, or use it on its own while you work, read or do household chores.

4. Advocate for Mental Health

The stigma surrounding mental health problems is an obstacle that prevents many people from getting much-needed treatment. Some people who would benefit from seeing a counselor or going to group therapy don’t recognize the warning signs that they have a problem. Others may mistakenly believe treatment methods aren’t effective. By speaking up about the issues you’ve faced and what has helped you overcome them, you’ll be doing your part to decrease the ongoing prejudices around mental health challenges.

Envision Your Fulfilling Future

Mental well-being affects all facets of your life. If it’s time to focus fully on your mental health, do so in a caring environment that sees you as a person, not a diagnosis. At New Found Life, our holistic approach accounts for all facets of your wellness and creates space for you to heal. To learn more about our Long Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility and verify your insurance coverage, please call us anytime, 24/7.