Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Understanding Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Substance Use Disorder, often referred to as SUD, is a medical condition marked by the uncontrollable use of substances, including alcohol and drugs, despite negative consequences. The prevalence of SUD has risen alarmingly, making it imperative to address not just due to the serious health implications, but also because it often stands between life and death. Substances commonly abused encompass a range from alcohol, prescription medications to illicit drugs. Among these, fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, has been a significant concern due to its lethal potential.

Treating Addiction, What Sets Us Apart?

The uniqueness of New Found Life lies in our commitment to addressing addiction from multiple dimensions. Our treatment approach blends the principles of the 12-step program with modern clinical care. Not only do we focus on breaking the physical and psychological chains of addiction, but we also strive to heal the spirit, foster personal growth, and build resilience.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Integrating holistic methods with traditional therapeutic modalities allows us to offer a comprehensive treatment experience. This approach ensures we address every facet of the individual, fostering holistic healing.

Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions provide clients with a sense of belonging and understanding. With a mix of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches, clients gain tools for relapse prevention, effective communication, improved interpersonal relationships, life skills, and more. Group therapy cultivates strong bonds between clients, facilitates diverse perspectives, enhances communication, and offers a secure space for sharing and learning.

Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse

Our individual therapy sessions are personalized, intensive, and tailored to ensure each client receives the precise therapeutic benefits they need. Beyond just addressing surface-level challenges, these sessions treat co-occurring conditions, trauma, personal issues and sensitive subjects that may be difficult to broach in group settings. Under the compassionate guidance of a seasoned psychotherapist, clients are able to address their underlying issues. Furthermore, they acquire valuable coping mechanisms and tools that facilitate the transformation of their thoughts and behaviors from maladaptive patterns to productive ones.

Addiction Education

Empowering our clients and their families with knowledge is a cornerstone of our treatment philosophy. Topics include drug and alcohol awareness, recovery dynamics, relapse prevention, health awareness, life skills, career assistance, and interpersonal training. We believe in equipping our clients with tools and understanding so they can navigate the challenges of the outside world with confidence post-treatment.

Transform Your Life

Battling Substance Use Disorder requires courage, support, and comprehensive care. At New Found Life, we are committed to being that supportive anchor. If you or a loved one is grappling with SUD, reach out today and set forth on a transformative journey toward health, happiness, and hope.