Stepping Into the Everyday: About Our Outpatient Program

Embarking on a life free from addiction doesn’t end after intensive residential treatment. At New Found Life, we understand the importance of ongoing support and structured services as individuals reintegrate into their daily routines. Our Outpatient Program is meticulously designed to be that bridge, assisting our clients as they step confidently into their renewed lives.

Program Highlights

Start Your Healing Today!

Outpatient clinicians and peers serve as a support network and safety net, ensuring that when clients embrace daily life, they’re not doing it alone. They benefit from:

Your Journey, Our Commitment

The journey towards a life free from addiction is a continuum. With the support of New Found Life’s Outpatient Program, clients can confidently navigate the challenges of daily life, armed with the tools, insights, and community support vital for lasting recovery. Whether you are transitioning from our residential program or seeking structured support for the first time, our team is here to walk alongside you every step of the way.