Equine-Assisted Counseling

Our Equine-Assisted Counseling is a therapeutic offering where clients can work with horses to foster deeper self-awareness, address trauma, refine communication, and develop healthy interpersonal relationships.
Horses, by nature, are keen observers of non-verbal cues and often mirror our emotions or dispositions. Engaging with our certified therapy horses, help our clients become aware of and refine their non-verbal communication. This offers an opportunity to confront and rectify problematic behaviors in a non-judgmental space, with the horse mirroring our emotions and responses.

Therapeutic Benefits of Equine Therapy

What to Expect During Equine Therapy

Clients will work in varied settings with equine specialists who are well-versed in horse behavior and therapy. They will guide the sessions ensuring therapeutic benefits while working with mental health counselors who bring an added layer of therapeutic depth, bridging insights from horse interactions to clients’ personal experiences
Our priorities during equine sessions are:

Start Your Transformation

New Found Life is committed to providing a transformative recovery journey. Our approach marries best practices with holistic therapeutic modalities, making Equine-Assisted Counseling a standout offering for our clients.