Footsteps: Transitional Living in Long Beach, CA

Transitioning from an intensive program back into the rhythm of daily life can be a challenging leap. At times, there may be hesitation about returning home, especially if the environment lacks the requisite support needed for ongoing recovery. Recognizing this transitional phase, we’ve introduced Footsteps—a specialized step-down living option. It’s designed to act as a bridge, providing a comforting space that gently eases individuals back into regular life, ensuring there’s always a supportive presence around.

Men’s + Women’s Transitional Living

Footsteps offers apartments dedicated solely for men or women. Strategically located in proximity to our main center, these residences are an integral part of the New Found Life family. Residents are empowered to resume work or school, simultaneously benefiting from the consistent support and resources of our program. Within this community, residents can participate in group activities, shared meals, and outings, creating and strengthening bonds with others in recovery.
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Structure + Monitoring

Our transitional living strikes a balance between transitioning back into life while ensuring that a supportive community is always around. Residents have the privilege of continuous access to group discussions, counseling, life skills groups, and regular support check-ins. The emphasis on community and connectedness is reiterated with weekly community meetings. To ensure the well-being of all residents and maintain the sanctity of the program, regular and random drug tests are conducted.


While our transitional living offers freedom and support, it’s also built upon the pillars of responsibility and accountability. Clients must meet expectations like staying abstinent, actively participating in weekly meetings and group activities, sharing household responsibilities, and adhering to established curfews. What our clients are accountable for during treatment and transitional living often end up becoming habits that stay with them for life.

Transitional Living + Support in Long Beach, CA

Footsteps is more than just a place to live—it’s an extended support system dedicated to ensuring that the transition back to everyday life is both comfortable and empowering. Our ongoing support program is designed to help you smoothly transition back into daily life at your own pace. For more details, reach out to our admissions team.