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New Found Life

Nestled in Long Beach, CA and providing treatment for over 30 years, New Found Life is an accredited treatment center for those battling addiction and co-occurring disorders. We’re not just a treatment center; we’re a healing environment rooted in a recovery community where individuals rediscover themselves.
Our core belief? Addiction is a disease that can be treated, not a sign of weakness or moral lapse. For over three decades, we’ve been offering a fresh lease on life to countless adults, presenting an alternative way of life free from the shackles of alcohol and drugs.
Our tenure has allowed us to refine our program, which has evolved to cater to the physical, mental, social, and spiritual facets of individuals in recovery. Our methodologies seamlessly blend the timeless wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous with cutting-edge clinical therapies, ensuring a comprehensive treatment experience. This spectrum of care spans residential treatment to transitional sober living, all underpinned by our commitment to proven therapies and services that have helped countless people get and stay sober.

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