Family Program

Family Support During Treatment

Addiction impacts everyone connected to the person suffering, common things we hear from families include:

  • Mothers not sleeping, worrying about their child’s wellbeing.
  • Husbands on the brink of divorce, feeling abandoned and betrayed by their partner’s actions.
  • Fathers grappling with anger, wondering if the addiction is their fault
  • Wives being pulled into a cycle of hope and despair, continually hoping things will change.
  • Friends wanting to help but struggling with boundaries and end up enabling or distancing 


We address all of these thoughts and behaviors in our family program designed for loved ones of clients in our care. Our dedication to open communication and our involvement with families is central to our programming. We understand the anguish families face, and our aim is to bridge the chasm created by addiction. Our family programs are not just for the short-term; they provide support that many families have leaned on for decades.

What Families Can Expect

Our Family Program runs each month and all families have the opportunity to attend while their loved one is in treatment. Here is what families can expect from New Found Life throughout treatment, during family weekend and after treatment:

  • Counseling: Personalized support tailored to each family’s unique situation.
  • Educational Forums: Led by top experts, these forums dive deep into understanding addiction and its effect on families.
  • Ongoing Support Groups: Weekly group meetings that continue even after treatment ends.
  • Introduction to 12-step Programs: Foundational to NFL’s approach, understanding the 12 steps from an Al-Anon perspective can bring clarity and healing.
  • Specialized Therapeutic Offerings: Activities like equine therapy that promote trust, communication, and healing in a unique way.


Start Your Healing Today!

Key Takeaways for Families

When families are involved in our weekend programming, our goal is that they leave with new actionable wisdom. 

Our goal is to have each participant:

  • Gain a deep understanding of addiction and its impacts.
  • Learn strategies to avoid enabling and promote recovery.
  • Access continuous support for long-term healing and growth.
  • Join a community of people who understand and share the same journey.
  • Discover tools and resources like Al-Anon to expand supportive options outside of New Found Life. 


A New Beginning Awaits

Families emerge from our program transformed, with new knowledge about the disease of addiction they are equipped with tools on how to support their loved one while taking care of themselves. Reach out today and start the journey to recovery together.