Women's Addiction Treatment in Long Beach

For over 30 years, the team at New Found Life has helped women to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our gender-specific residential program offers women-only sessions and activities, customized clinical programming, and trauma treatment designed to meet the needs of women.

A Safe Place to Recover

Our therapies are specifically designed to target issues specific to women. From the accelerated rate at which women can develop substance use disorders to the higher incidences of trauma, we recognize the distinct challenges of women who need our services.
Research shows that women benefit from a communal, relationship-based approach to addiction recovery. At New Found Life, we have created an environment where women can feel safe and secure during treatment. The cornerstones of this are women’s-only group meetings and one-on-one time with female staff members and clinicians. Within these settings, residents express themselves without the tensions that may exist in mixed-gender groups.

Emphasis on Women and Trauma

Research indicates that women experience trauma at a higher frequency than men, often influencing substance abuse patterns. We offer intensive trauma therapy, helping women navigate and heal from past traumas that might have contributed to their addiction.

A Focus on Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We acknowledge the prevalence of co-occurring disorders in women battling addiction. Our comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment ensures women receive care for both their addiction and any underlying mental health conditions, optimizing the chances of successful, long-term recovery.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

Women benefit from our specialized therapeutic services that help women heal from past traumas and provide tools to stay sober and understand the root causes of addiction. These therapeutic interventions include:

Post-treatment, we remain dedicated to each woman’s success, connecting them with a robust female alumni network, 12-Step groups, and sober support from our alumni after treatment has concluded. This added level of support and accountability ensures that each woman enjoys a smooth transition back to her home and community.

Connect with New Found Life

To learn more about our specialized programs for women, don’t hesitate to reach out. We accept most health insurances, making quality care accessible to women nationwide. Our intake specialists are also on hand to guide you through your options, helping you make an informed decision for a brighter, sober future.