Men’s Treatment Program at New Found Life

At New Found Life, we recognize the distinct challenges men encounter while navigating addiction and its subsequent recovery journey. Our men’s rehab program has been tailored to offer a supportive sanctuary where men can hone in on their recovery journey, delving deep into the root causes of their addiction. We’ve curated a wide range of services like individual therapy, group sessions, family therapy, and holistic approaches. Backed by a team of seasoned and empathetic professionals, we ensure that every client receives a personalized treatment plan catering to their distinct needs and aspirations.

A Focus on Underlying Conditions

Men typically enter our care suffering from addiction while concurrently grappling with mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We treat those underlying conditions while they’re in our care through traditional therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy combined with holistic offerings including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, and 12 Step immersion.

Advantages of a Men-Only Treatment

An exclusively male treatment setting can offer myriad benefits:

A Glimpse into Our Men's Rehab Experience

Clients in our men’s program can anticipate a structured, comfortable and healing, supportive and fun environment. Our program emphasizes personalized treatment attuned to the specific challenges of each client in our care until he’s cultivating robust coping mechanisms to combat triggers, relapse or old behaviors. Our men’s rehab program equips them with the requisite tools, resources, and continuous support to actualize their long term recovery.