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“From the moment I called New Found Life to the moment I entered into treatment I felt the love and warmth from the whole staff starting with Ed. I had been to treatment before but New Found Life was different.  It was like the family that I never had. After leaving New Found Life anytime I have ever needed to talk the phone was always answered with a friendly voice and the advice and direction I needed.”

– Wendy

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Thanking you

Dearest Ed and Mary Ann –

In a few days (7/17) I will have FIFTEEN YEARS of sobriety. Fifteen 15 years!! I hope you can feel my gratitude.

The time has gone by in a blink and yet seems like a lifetime ago I was living there – in the house. Oh, how life has changes and I have you to thank – life is good and I send lots of love.

Stephanie D

Thanking you

Dear Ed and everyone at New Found Life,

Although our son, Michael, hasn’t been a resident of New Found Life for quite some time, I want to you know that there isn’t a day that goes by without my thinking of you and thanking you for helping us all get through a very, very tough time.  I believe you know that Mike has 28 months of sobriety now, is self-supporting, and has just started going back to school.  While I never take his sobriety for granted, I’m deeply grateful for his commitment and hopeful, finally, about his future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  God bless all of you in the work you do for so many families that need your help.

Warmest regards,


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New Found Life is top notch!

I just wanted to send this little note to say how much I (we) enjoyed spending time with all of you last week.  New Found life is top notch! Your educators and staff are authentic (love this!), experts in their field, and obviously passionate about the treatment and recovery of everyone affected by addiction.  I feel I would be doing my clients a disservice if I did not let them know about your facility. I will highly recommend New Found Life.

All my best and continued success,

Diana – Therapist

“This would not have happened without New Found Life”

Roy graduated June 15th with a Bachelors in Culinary Management .  This would not have happened without New Found Life.  I really appreciate all you have done for him and all the people who have come through New Found Life.  You really teach them how to live sober.  I will be forever grateful.

J. and Julianne
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Program of recovery

We are happy to to report that our son David who was at New Found Life last year is doing well and continuing his program of recovery and self improvement.

David is back working now and is enrolled to begin a technical career program in August.  He says he has learned a lot from his recovery experience but needs to as he describes it “always remember the effects his addiction had on him and the family”.  We support him in all his future plans!

We are all closer these days as a family and happy and fortunate that we heard about New Found Life when we did.  I don’t know if you are still holding the weekend lecture sessions but please keep us on the email list for all upcoming events.

Gratefully and with all our love,

Richard & Joanne V
testimonial letter

Thank you for such a valuable program

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the New Found Life Family Forum and Friends & Family meeting this month.  I really enjoyed the informative speakers and continue to learn and grow through each Forum.  It was rewarding to hear more parents contemplate joining Al-Anon – for me, this has made a positive impact on understanding who I have control over, trusting my Higher Power and calling on my support network.

Thank you to you and your team for such a valuable program!

Big hug – Sue H.
thank you letter

You all were a light

These written words can’t begin to express my thanks and everlasting gratitude for all that you have done for Michael.

You all were a light, when there was mostly darkness all around.  Speaking for all of us in Michael’s family, we are so lucky to have found you.  I know I’ll see many of you again at a future gathering, but please know that you will always have a special place in my heart for all that you have given us.  My love to all of you wonderful people.


Discovered that his world wasn’t ending

I wanted to send you a thank you card and I liked what this one said because I’m sure this is what people discover at New Found Life – that inside them is a butterfly waiting to take flight.  I know that’s what Rick discovered when he was there.  Last week he was back in L.A to celebrate his 4th birthday.  He took cakes at several meetings and we had the best week ever.

So thank you – to you and everyone at New Found Life who helped Rick discover that his world wasn’t ending.  It was just beginning.

Love & hugs,


You gave me hope for the first time in 18 years

How do I go about thanking all the people who helped save my sons life? I know it will be a tough road ahead of him but I feel between all of you in your different ways have given him the tools he needs to move forward. He has a chance now, something I feel he didn’t have 6 months ago.

From the first frantic phone call I made to you (sight unseen) in our many moments of crises in November you gave me hope for the first time in 18 years. You sent me Norm, one of the most amazing human beings to come into my life. It has not been an easy journey but you and NFL never gave up on him or us. You have an amazing staff that I feel go beyond the call of duty, Brooke, Johnny, Jeremy, Tracie, Scott, Bill, Richard, Norm, you and of course John F. I know it is an ongoing process but you will be always in our hearts.

Thank you and have a beautiful day, always Pat


“Wonderful place to learn about addiction, recovery and of course a lot of life skills”

Though the words are simple, the come from the heart…


My husband and I feel so grateful that through all our panic calls to Rehabs trying to find somewhere to send Jenna for the help she needed, we were referred to NFL through a call to the Betty Ford Clinic.

What a blessing!

We could not of dreamed of finding a more WONDEFUL place for our daughter to learn about her addiction, recovery and of course a lot of life skills.
I am sure you will remember that we both spoke to you several times (panicked and scared) before you even met our daughter and you treated us with warmth and caring. You calmed us down and you helped us to understand what we needed to do to help our daughter. You made us feel so comfortable every step of the way.

Then, when we went to tour the NFL House and Tracie was there to talk to us and show us around, again we felt such caring and comfort. We KNEW, NFL was the place for our daughter.
THANK YOU for accepting our daughter into NFL.

Durning our daughters 6 months at NFL, (and I know there was a lot of bumps in the road and hard dealings with our daughter for you guys and us) I feel she really learned a lot about addiction, recovery, hope and faith. She also learned a lot of life skills which she sure did need. THANK YOU!

Our daughter would tell us, Ed is really nice and he has a reason for every rule. We just want to thank YOU, MAry Ann, Tracie, Suzanne, Brooke, and every manager and staff member at NFL for SAVING our daughters life. I realize she is still in recovery and we can only TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME but we truly feel she has learned so much from YOU and NFL that she will carry with her forever!

My husband and I also learned so much about addiction, recovery and co-dependency through all of you and the Family Weekends.


Thank you ED to YOU, Mary Ann and THE ENTIRE STAFF at NFL for providing a Safe and Sober, Beautiful Recovery Home filled with Warmth and Compassion.


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