Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Embarking on the path to recovery can be a challenging but transformative experience. At New Found Life, our inpatient addiction treatment program offers a supportive, comprehensive environment to foster healing and growth.

Who Benefits from Inpatient Treatment?

Residential treatment is best for those who require an immersive therapeutic environment, free from daily triggers and distractions. It’s particularly beneficial for those with:

  • Intensity of Addiction: Individuals facing severe substance dependencies that necessitate a controlled, round-the-clock care setting.
  • Prior Relapses: Those who’ve experienced multiple relapses and need an intensified approach.
  • Co-occurring Disorders: Individuals battling both addiction and mental health disorders.
  • Specialized Needs: Anyone who needs specialized medical, psychological, and holistic treatments under one roof.
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What to Expect in Our Primary Program

In our primary program at New Found Life, individuals can expect a structured environment and days filled with a combination of activities, therapies, and sessions, all aimed at optimizing healing and fostering recovery. Central to this approach is our multidisciplinary team. Our therapists, counselors, case managers, medical professionals, and dedicated support staff, work in tandem to craft a treatment plan for every client that will set them up for long term abstinence and recovery. While we integrate a blend of traditional therapeutic methods, we believe in treating the whole person, emphasizing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Comprehensive Treatment Modalities

Our residential program includes a mix of evidence backed therapy and therapeutic interventions honed over a span of 30 years to fosters in-depth work and recovery through:

  • Individual Therapy: A deep dive into underlying conditions, past trauma and personal challenges, triggers, and patterns with dedicated therapists.
  • Group Therapy: Sharing, connecting, and learning from peers in a guided, supportive setting.
  • Educational Workshops: Essential information on addiction, relapse prevention, relationships, life skills and more, all designed to empower your self awareness and personal recovery.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Addressing the intertwined challenges of addiction along with commonly co-occurring mental health disorders.

Goals of Our Inpatient Treatment

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The road to recovery beckons, and our residential program offers the guidance, tools, and community to redefine your life. With New Found Life, you’re choosing a brighter, fulfilling future for you and your loved ones.