The Benefits of Gender-Specific Recovery

Gender-Specific Recovery

Substance dependency is a disease that affects all its sufferers differently. At New Found Life, we believe in a tailored approach that takes each person’s individual needs into account, including gender.

Seeking treatment for addiction is a highly personal decision that often comes with emotional tension. We’ve found any approach that can help our clients become more comfortable with embarking on the recovery journey will eventually help them take the necessary steps to achieve lifelong sobriety. That’s why gender-specific recovery programs can be such an integral component of successful treatment.

Women and Men Are Unique

As we now know, men and women become addicted to drugs for different reasons, which means they also respond to treatment differently. While both men and women struggle with drug cravings, women are more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol because of anxiety, stress and other emotional issues.

Treatment programs designed exclusively for the needs of each gender can help clients focus on healing and reaching the mental equilibrium that keeps them on a positive path. Gender-specific recovery also eliminates possible distractions that may arise in a mixed-gender environment. Once they commit to the recovery process, it is essential for men and women to work on bettering themselves, not pursuing a relationship.

Benefits of Female-Specific Treatment

A treatment plan designed around women will focus on their emotional needs. At New Found Life, we provide a supportive environment where clients feel free from social stigmas and the burden of judgment. Both individual and group therapy, as well as activities such as yoga and meditation, can help foster the mind-body connection and allow women to achieve inner peace.

Benefits of Male-Specific Treatment

Treatment catering to the needs of men can help them work through issues such as anger, compulsive behavior and relationship problems. Our goal at New Found Life is to help people constructively resolve anything that is holding them back in life. That’s why we strive to create peer groups where men can feel open to sharing their challenges with others who have experienced similar problems.

Dedicated to Gender-Specific Recovery

To learn more about the advantages of our gender-specific approach to women’s and men’s recovery and to speak with one of our caring admissions specialists, call New Found Life anytime at 800-635-9899 for a confidential consultation, or contact us online. We are available 24/7 to assist you.