How Diet Can Help With Recovery

diet recovery

If you’re on the recovery journey, it’s critical to understand the impact certain foods have on your body – especially when it comes to co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Recently, an area of study called nutritional psychiatry has emerged around the world. It’s a fancy term for the field of study that examines the connection between diet and mental health. While this area of study is relatively new to the scene, it is rapidly becoming a leading force in the treatment of mental health issues because, by 2020, the Centers for Disease Control has projected depression will rank as the second-most common cause of disability.

How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

In the last five years, researchers have publicized the results of several studies showing the link between what people eat and how mentally balanced they are. While there is a growing interest in the impact of food for mental health wellness, the studies have focused explicitly on the importance of diet in depression and anxiety. And the results are notable.

When you eat nutritious food, it improves your mind-body connection. If you are struggling with mental health issues, it is crucial for your brain to stay strong and functioning well. When your diet lacks essential nutrients, your brain will be less able to send signals to the rest of your body the way it should, which will impact your mood.

It will take some time to establish a fuller understanding of how diet affects mental health, but, for now, the message is clear: While good nutrition is important for everyone, it can be a vital tool for someone struggling with mental health issues.

Not only is it important to eat well overall, but, in the case of someone who is affected by depression or anxiety, it is essential to consume more of certain foods known to be high in nutrients that directly impact brain health, including B vitamins, zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. 

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