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Substance abuse impacts every aspect of your and your loved ones’ lives. At New Found Life, we understand addiction is a chronic disease – and just like other chronic illnesses, it requires lifelong commitment and effort to manage.

Taking the necessary steps to achieve complete and long-lasting recovery can feel overwhelming for someone who struggles with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. At New Found Life, we know it’s possible because we’ve seen so many clients achieve it. But we also know it hinges on a customized treatment plan that offers support and guidance at every step of the way. Our case managers are specially trained to help each of our clients choose the best course of treatment for their needs.

Why Is Case Management Essential in Recovery?

Addiction affects everyone differently, and no two clients have had the same experiences that led them to develop their addiction. The best rehab centers take an individualized approach to understanding how and why addiction disrupts every facet of people’s daily lives. Case managers not only address these problems, but they also provide the support and encouragement that helps our clients maintain long-term sobriety. Your case manager will serve as your personal advocate during your treatment, and, as necessary, after your discharge from our Long Beach recovery facility.

People in treatment often require multiple levels of care before they leave a rehab center. Another reason case management is so crucial is that it helps ensure a smooth transition between these levels of care.

Our Treatment Model

At New Found Life, we use the clinical/rehabilitation model for case management, where case managers work with clients in the following ways:

  •      Supervise and oversee the course of treatment for each client
  •      Provide assessment and reassessment (in conjunction with therapists)
  •      Make and monitor referrals to needed resources
  •      Provide counseling, education and skills teaching
  •      Assist in goal planning
  •      Help develop support systems (including 12-step, family and peer)
  •      Respond to crises related to both resource needs and mental health concerns; will stabilize a crisis and coordinate further therapeutic intervention

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