Family Communication

Bridging the Path to Recovery

Addiction affects not just the individual, but ripples through their entire family network. Recognizing this, New Found Life initiates healing for both the client and their family. Our case managers and therapists maintain consistent communication with families, updating them on their loved one’s progress while providing them with resources to take care of themselves as well. Here, every recovery is a joint journey, and every family member plays a vital role.

Support for Families of Addicts

As a family-owned treatment center rooted in family values and personal experiences, we understand the challenges and emotions that the families of addicts undergo. We don’t just treat the addict; we nurture the family by providing resources specifically curated to address the complexities they face.

Healing Together

We keep families at the heart of our treatment approach with offerings such as:

  • Weekly Check-Ins: Regular updates on your loved one’s journey.
  • Family Counseling Sessions: Addressing and healing shared wounds.
  • Family Resources: Empowering with knowledge and tools.
  • Family Weekend: Reconnecting and building stronger bonds.
  • Family Education: Demystifying addiction and its challenges.
  • Ongoing Family Support Groups: Ensuring sustained support and shared experiences.


Start Your Healing Today!

Healing Families Since 1993

For three decades, New Found Life has been a sanctuary for families searching for relief, hope and healing. By entrusting their loved ones to our care, families rediscover their own path to recovery and wellness. To start a new chapter for your family, reach out to our compassionate team.