The Safest Ways to Stay Fit During a Pandemic

stay fit during a pandemic

The need for social distancing and the closure of many gyms due to the coronavirus pandemic have made it more challenging to stay fit. The steps we must take to curb the spread of the virus have curtailed many of our typical routines and limited our activities. For the past several months, you may have been missing the fellowship found in group fitness classes, or the wisdom of your favorite yoga instructor.

You might struggle to find the motivation to follow an at-home fitness routine when you’re not accountable to a trainer or workout buddy. And, with so many other new difficulties to worry about, regular workouts could seem like less of a priority. However, even a small amount of activity can make a world of difference in your physical and mental health, especially during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. What are the safest ways to stay fit during a pandemic?

1. Go Outside More Often

Try to take your workouts outdoors as much as possible, while maintaining a safe social distance from others and wearing a mask if necessary. Being in nature is excellent for your overall well-being and can help reduce stress and anxiety – which is essential amid the current circumstances.

2. Try “Exercise Snacking”

If you’re too busy to devote 30 minutes or more to a workout, try sprinkling short bursts of activity throughout your day. “Exercise snacking” is the name for the concept of working out in brief, moderate- to high-intensity intervals. When you can’t squeeze in longer exercise sessions due to all your other responsibilities, you can still elevate your heart rate and reap the rewards of regular exercise with this approach.

3. Try Something New

If you’ve always wanted to try a different form of exercise, such as dancing, kickboxing or high-intensity interval training, the sky’s the limit with home workout classes. There’s no shortage of YouTube videos to provide instruction on various fitness styles, so keep things interesting to stay motivated and enthusiastic about exercising.

4. Add an Element of Mindfulness

Bringing mindfulness to any activity will enhance your experience. Yoga is an inherently mindful workout because of the breathwork, balance and focus required to move smoothly through the poses. However, you can also add mindfulness to exercises like walking or running by concentrating on the way the ground feels beneath your feet, the sounds of the wind moving through the trees and the sun’s rays warming your skin.

5. Designate a Home Workout Space

If you miss the gym and want to create an area that puts you in the right mindset for working out, designate an area of your home that’s conducive to fitness. Invest in a mat and some resistance bands or free weights, and keep your equipment in that spot for easy access.

A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Incorporating more physical fitness into your daily routine will enhance your mental well-being, too. Staying fit during the coronavirus pandemic might involve more effort at first, but when you feel noticeably healthier, it will provide an extra boost of motivation.

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