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What to Expect During Addiction Treatment

New Found Life is truly a place where residents can recover. We believe the most effective way to overcome substance use disorder is through a comprehensive and holistic program that addresses mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Features of our addiction treatment program include:

residential rehab facility

Dual Diagnosis & Psychiatric Care

At New Found Life, we recognize that balance in all areas is crucial to recovery. Although chemical dependency is the primary diagnosis for each resident, our psychiatrist evaluates and treats common co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, on an as-needed basis.

Individual & Group Sessions

One-on-one and group sessions with our licensed therapist, and certified counselors help you explore the behaviors, personal triggers and underlying issues that led to substance abuse. This healing process enables you to come to terms with problems and learn how to address and overcome them without relying on drugs or alcohol.

12-Step Program Immersion

The 12-step program is foundational to our program and methodology, and understanding how to incorporate the 12 steps into your life in a practical way is necessary for long-term sobriety. You attend 12-step meetings, book studies and meditation classes within both the New Found Life treatment community and the local Long Beach community to get acquainted with the fellowship available outside of the traditional treatment setting. This helps you prepare for the eventual transition into life outside of the safety and structure of our treatment community. In other words, you begin to LIVE the 12-Step program while in treatment at New Found Life as opposed to just learning about it.

A Positive, Supportive Environment

Our facilities are located in a beautiful neighborhood overlooking the ocean, providing a serene setting conducive to total healing and recovery. Our staff, most of whom have personal recovery experience, welcome residents into a safe, supportive environment where they can focus on the healing process. Moreover, Long Beach, California offers an active recovery community and an outstanding network of meetings and fellowship that provide superb support.

Education & Study Sessions

As a treatment center that takes a holistic approach to healing, our educational groups round out our treatment services so you can establish a strong foundation for spiritual, psychological and social wellness. We provide education in a number of areas, including:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Health awareness
  • Yoga
  • Life skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Career assistance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team building sports and recreation

Individualized Attention

New Found Life offers a small, intimate setting to start the process of changing your life. You are assigned a care team consisting of a psychiatrist, therapist, case manager, recovery coach, and mentor who work with you throughout your stay to achieve the goals outlined in your treatment plan.

Progressive Personal & Group Responsibility

As part of New Found Life’s motivational therapy, residents are given opportunities to assume certain responsibilities for their recovery. This method fosters accountability and helps residents develop a new sense of respect for themselves and others, builds self-esteem and teaches the importance of working together to accomplish goals.

Continuing Care

We offer continuing care to provide support for residents after treatment with New Found Life.  We follow up with clients after discharge to discuss progress with their discharge plan and overall well-being.We offer clients who have completed the full continuum of care, the option of participating in any one of our continuing care services. Services may include: sobriety checks, alumni accountability, weekly groups and/or 12 step meetings, or they may partake in our alumni events.

Family Involvement

Substance use disorder is an illness that has a profound effect on not only the individual but the entire family. At New Found Life, we offer family members an opportunity to learn about the disease, addiction treatment and begin their own process of healing through our Family Weekend, multi-family groups and 12-step meetings.

Footsteps Transitional Living

Our transitional living facilities are an ideal solution for New Found Life alumni who are ready to transition out of the residential treatment setting into a less intensive, but still structured, level of active treatment. Footsteps is intended to fill the gap between intensive residential treatment and home or a sober living residence.

Experience Addiction Recovery in Long Beach, CA

Start a New Life

Our beautiful facility and comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment program is the right choice for anyone who’s ready to start a new life. New Found Life is a choice that offers hope and a future for you and your family. If you’re ready to build a strong foundation that will help you embark on lifelong recovery, contact us at


New Found Life works with several insurance carriers. Please call 1-800-635-9899 for quick and easy insurance verification.

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