Recovery Month 2022: Recovery is for Everyone

recovery month 2022

In September, leaves begin falling, football season starts, and sober people reach out to help others suffering from addiction. Recovery Month is a time for people who are in recovery or working in recovery to spread the good news and reduce the stigma associated with mental health and addiction. So, let’s dive into Recovery Month 2022, discuss this year’s theme, and look at ways to celebrate the miracle of recovery all year round. As we say at New Found Life: it’s a beautiful thing!

When is Recovery Month 2022?

Recovery Month is observed during the month of September. There are many public events across the United States and many virtual events online. In addition, Recovery Month is a chance for treatment providers to share the new, innovative practices that are helping people stay sober.

For people in recovery, it is a chance to do some advocacy and share experiences, strength, and hope with others. Also, no one should ever have to feel that they are suffering alone and that there is nowhere to turn.

What Does “Recovery is for Everyone” Mean?

Previously, the organizations in charge of Recovery Month assigned yearly themes to go with the observance. They eventually settled on a consistent message: “Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” Everyone may have a different story, but the journey and outcome of recovery are the same. People are in desperate need of hearing that there is help available.

The History of Recovery Month

Recovery Month first began in 1989. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) first started the public celebration. Every September, it is a national observance that acknowledges those living in recovery and promotes new treatment practices in behavioral health.

Recently, the focus has changed to include people with other mental conditions like anxiety and depression. So often, stigma is associated with mental health and substance use disorders. That’s why we use this month to tear down the negative labels and emphasize the severity (and treatability!) of these conditions.

What are Some Ways to Celebrate Recovery Month 2022?

If you are interested in sharing your unique recovery story, there are some ways to celebrate Recovery Month this year. For example, you can celebrate your sober anniversary like an actual birthday.

Next, consider celebrating the people who helped you and stood by your side during your recovery journey. So often, we have people who support us no matter what. Take this opportunity to express gratitude to them for believing in you.

Lastly, share your story. Your message could be the change in someone’s heart. Just seeing and hearing the struggles of someone who has made it out and to the other side can inspire hope in someone else, motivating them to seek treatment.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

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