About Long Beach, CA

About Long Beach, CA

We’ve been a part of the long beach recovery community for over 30 years. Many alumni have relocated here and are still thriving and supporting our clients – some decades after they went through our drug rehab.

Long Beach is a great place to be in residential treatment for several
reasons, including:

Climate and natural beauty: Long Beach has a mild climate and is located near the ocean, making it a great place to enjoy outdoor recreation and nature-based therapy. The city also has several parks and nature reserves, such as the El Dorado Nature Center and Shoreline Aquatic Park.

Robust recovery community: Long Beach has a strong recovery community, with numerous 12-step and other support groups for individuals in recovery. The city also hosts several sober events and activities, such as sober parties, beach bonfires, and hiking groups.

Job opportunities: Long Beach has a diverse economy, with opportunities in industries such as healthcare, education, and technology. The city also has a thriving arts and cultural scene, which can provide opportunities for individuals in creative fields.

Access to resources: Long Beach has several resources for individuals in recovery, including sober support groups, a thriving 12 step community and a robust network of healthcare providers, including mental health professionals and addiction specialists.

Cultural diversity: Long Beach is known for its cultural diversity, with a large population of LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants, and people from diverse racial and ethnic ethnic backgrounds. The city feels like a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Long Beach Addiction Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options available at our drug rehab in Long Beach, including:

Detox: Our medically-supervised drug and alcohol detox coordination helps manage the initial symptoms, discomfort, cravings and other initial symptoms of withdrawal. Once stabilized, clients are ready to join our residential treatment program.

Residential treatment: Residential treatment programs provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus on their recovery 24/7.
Outpatient treatment: Outpatient treatment programs allow individuals to receive treatment while continuing to live at home and work or attend school.
Support groups: Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can provide ongoing support and community for individuals in recovery.

Mental health treatment: Mental health treatment can address underlying mental health conditions that may contribute to substance abuse and addiction. Most clients in our care suffer from PTSD, trauma, anxiety and depression. Our dual diagnosis clinicians address both addiction and behavioral health needs while in our care.

Recovery Center in Long Beach

Long Beach can be a great place to be in treatment due to its natural beauty, robust recovery community, diverse job opportunities, access to resources, and cultural diversity.

New Found Life has been a part of the Long Beach community for over 30 years, providing individuals with the tools, resources, and support they need to maintain lasting recovery and improve their overall health and well-being.


New Found Life works with several insurance carriers. Please call 1-800-635-9899 for quick and easy insurance verification.

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