How to Have a Healthy Halloween in Recovery

Halloween In Recovery

If you’re in recovery from a substance misuse disorder, holidays like Halloween can be scary in more ways than one. At every turn, you may run into familiar relapse triggers that make you crave drugs or alcohol. How can you celebrate All Hallows’ Eve without feeling haunted by your past?

Celebrate the Holiday at Home

One of the best ways to avoid triggering situations and stay sober this Halloween is to enjoy the holiday in an environment that allows you to be fully in control of your surroundings: your house.

When you’re new to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, celebrating Halloween in recovery at home is one of the best ways to avoid old triggers. By throwing your own sober Halloween party, you can put your mental and physical well-being first by inviting friends and family members who support your newfound lifestyle and plan activities that don’t involve using drugs or alcohol, such as:

  • Watching spooky movies
  • Carving or painting pumpkins
  • Baking and decorating cookies
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Playing fun Halloween party games

Planning a Sober Celebration

If you plan to go out this Halloween, you may be worried about encountering people, places or things that tempt you into using drugs or alcohol. Smart preparation can help ensure you stay safe and sober wherever you go. On Oct. 31, you can plan to:

  • Attend a 12-step meeting or other sober Halloween event near you
  • Only go to events where you know nobody will be drinking or using drugs
  • Give yourself a curfew
  • Bring a sober friend with you who will help keep you accountable
  • Have an exit strategy in case you encounter triggers

Finding Sober Halloween Events

Don’t allow this Halloween to negate any of the positive progress you’ve made on your recovery journey so far. Find healthy Halloween events to attend in the Long Beach, CA, area, such as the following:

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