Family Education Series

Family Addiction Educational Series

We have the unique honor of having access to some of the finest clinicians and professionals in the industry.  We cannot stress enough the importance of the family’s continued participation in their loved one’s recovery.  Below is a sample of some of our most recent speakers in our family addiction education series.

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Sample of Previous Speakers


Ed Storti, BA, CADC II

This presentation will explore addiction and how it develops and becomes describable, predictable and progressive.  It will also touch upon the psychological barriers that stop the addictive patient from making healthy choices and getting help.  In addition, to be presented, will be a basic understanding of the intervention process and why it is utilized.

BIO: Ed Storti, lecturer, author and international Intervention Specialist,developed and refined his special method of addictive disease intervention 30 years ago. He has performed over 3,000 family interventions throughout the United States and abroad. He has been included in Town & Country, Woman’s World, L.A.Steps, People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and various other magazine and newspaper articles.


Dr. Valeria Watkins, PhD

This lecture will focus on identifying family roles and scripts in an addictive environment, with support in learning how to disengage from unhealthy behaviors. Dr Watkins will provide 7 steps to help set boundaries when your loved one completes treatment.

BIO:  Dr. Watkins has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for over 20 years.  Her primary focus has been assisting the alcoholic/addict and their family members heal their lives through a 12 step recovery process. She has earned her PHD from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in counseling psychology. Her areas of specialization include Addictions, Family Systems, Spirituality, PTSD, Neuro-feedback, EFT and Motivational Interviewing.


Mary Gordon, MA, CADCII

Mary Gordon will present a perspective of the practical skills needed for family recovery and improving relationships within the family.   Utilizing experiential exercises as well as practical and clinical knowledge of how families get off balance as a result of a loved one’s addiction, Mary will encourage and support the resiliency of family members as they grow and change in the recovery process.   Family members are often isolated, carry much pain and feel responsible for their loved one’s disease.  Demystifying the family recovery process helps families to accept and understand the disease of addiction’s impact on the whole family.

BIO:  Mary Gordon, Director of Family and Outpatient Services at Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California is an active advocate for Family Recovery.  Mary’s passion for Family Recovery is evident in her 26 year history of service as a clinician, educator and administrator in the field of prevention, education, and treatment of the Family Disease of Chemical Dependency both in New England and California.  For the past eleven years she has served in several capacities at Betty Ford Center including Outpatient and Family Counseling, Business Development, and Liaison for the Licensed Professionals Program at the Center.  She has presented at Women’s Conferences, Lawyers Assistance Program conferences and other conferences   throughout the United States and Canada.  She has a passion and belief in the resiliency of families as they grow and recover together with love, hope, and humor.


Leo Booth, Mth, CAC, CEDC

Leo will give a clear understanding of what spirituality is; also he will apply it to the recovery process.  With his definition of spirituality being a positive and creative human being, he gives examples of developing physical, mental and emotional wellness.  In a gentle way, families and friends of the alcoholic learn the importance of having a spiritual program for themselves.

BIO:  Leo Booth is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and trainer on all aspects of spirituality and recovery from depression, addictions, compulsive behaviors, and low self-esteem. He is a Unity minister, holds a master’s degree in theology from King’s College and is a certified addictions counselor and spiritual consultant to several treatment centers.  Leo’s passion to help other recovering alcoholics and drug addicts compelled him to write his first book, Say Yes to Life, a book that has helped thousands of people over the years.


Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW

This presentation invites you to recognize the importance of family in recovery and emphasizes the development of a Personal Blueprint (Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual) for taking care of oneself.  New problem-solving skills, practical suggestions, 5 “Magic Words” and Family Recovery Coaching will be introduced to empower families as they learn and grow.

BIO: Dr. Louise Stanger is an expert clinician with over 30 years experience working with families and conducting interventions. Her interventions are extremely beneficial for families who have loved ones suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse disorders including alcohol and other drugs, and process addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, and sex addiction.  One of her greatest strengths is Dr. Stanger’s ability to create movement within the family, helping loved ones get needed treatment. She works hand in hand with other professionals, therapists and treatment centers to ensure the family’s success. With Dr. Stanger’s leadership, you will be able to develop new paths to follow for everyone in the family.


James Kay, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Kay will discuss the keys to successful treatment and the family’s role in community integration. The presentation will include concepts, guidelines and strategies for the family.

BIO:  Jamie serves as the Director of the Life Adjustment Team. He has been with the Team since 1990 and was previously the Director of Family Services. Jamie has a Master and Doctorate in clinical psychology. Jamie was the Director of Life Appreciation Training seminars during the 1980’s, running grief seminars throughout Canada and the United States. He has also served as the Director of Treatment at private locked hospitals and has a background in group therapy. Jamie is a public speaker presenting on a wide range of subjects.

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