The Bill W. Plant at New Found Life

Bill W plant swedish ivy

At New Found Life, we were fortunate enough to receive a clipping from a plant that was derived from the plant that Bill W. had at his bedside shortly before he died.

Here is how the story goes:

“Also known as Swedish Ivy, the Bill W. plant comes with a great story to share. That is what recovery is all about, one alcoholic sharing with another. Bill W. passed away on January 24, 1971 in Miami, Florida. When his wife, Lois, returned to their home in New York, now known as Stepping Stones, she brought home the plant that had been in Bill’s Florida hospital room. Lois cared for the plant until the mid 1980’s, when she passed it on to Harriet Sevarino, beloved cook and companion of Bill and Lois for 35 years. Harriet passed the plant on to Michael M., a member of AA from Atlanta, Georgia. Lois asked Michael to pass it on to members of AA in Bill’s memory. Michael did just that, sharing cuttings and offshoots of this plant with AA members all around the world.”

(You can find the story here at Friends of Bill & Bob.)

Since then, the clipping has grown into a beautiful plant, and we pass it on to our clients. Clients at New Found Life receive the clipping of the Swedish Ivy plant to take home and grow, just like their recovery and fellowship in AA. They are then urged to care for the plant and pass on cuttings to friends in recovery. Like with the fellowship, when a piece of the plant is passed on, the plant grows stronger, and with care, and sharing, it spreads to homes and communities around the world.

New Found Life is a center providing hope for families impacted by addiction. Contact us to learn more about the recovery and fellowship symbolized by the Bill W. plant.