12-Step Immersion

The 12-step immersion philosophy is the foundation of our recovery programming. Our clients attend daily meetings and take each step one by one to establish a strong foundation for a lasting recovery.

Our program includes: two meetings a day, both onsite and in the community, as well as books and step studies. All clients must complete at least five of the 12 steps before we will discharge them. In addition, we connect you with a sponsor you’ll need to meet with while in treatment.

Learning about and participating in a 12-step program is just the first step here at New Found LIfe. Integrating its principles into your daily life is the most important goal for all our clients- from demonstrating personal responsibility in all aspects of your life to being of service daily- all residents are taught these and shown by example the impact of these seemingly little but integral steps to sobriety.

Support Throughout Your Sobriety

At New Found Life, we believe one of the most important things a person in early recovery needs to master is how to build and maintain a sober support group that can continue to help them even after they complete their treatment with us.

The process of building a sober support group starts by introducing yourself to others in the program at your 12-step meetings. You will then have everyone’s phone number, so you can stay in contact with other individuals in your recovery community. Daily phone calls create the foundation for your new sober support group. You can then start asking for rides to meetings, and go out and participate in weekend activities with your newfound support group.

Building these relationships in early sobriety helps create a sound foundation that is essential for helping you maintain long-term health and happiness.

12-Step Success in California

At our Long Beach, CA, rehab facility, we have helped hundreds of clients free themselves from the burdens of addiction and rediscover a healthy, sober way of life.

People who come to New Found Life for treatment flourish in our caring and supportive environment, and can benefit even further from taking advantage of Long Beach’s thriving recovery community. Many sober activities and daily 12-step meetings – many of which take place on our beautiful beachfront – will help you take an active role in your recovery.

Take the first step to your new life and contact our admissions team today.

Experience Addiction Recovery in Long Beach, CA

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