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Confronting Your Fears About Recovery

Fear is part of the human experience, but one common fear many addicts share is that they are afraid of the recovery process itself. People often worry they will struggle

Developing Healthy Relationships in Recovery

People with substance misuse disorders often find their relationships are the first area of their lives to suffer the strain. The deception and self-destructive behavior that accompany addiction erode trust,

Learning to Forgive Yourself in Recovery

Forgiveness is an essential part of addiction recovery, but if you are like many other people, you may find it much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive

How to Have Fun in Recovery

Someone caught in the cycle of addiction will make just about any excuse to continue justifying or rationalizing their substance misuse. When you have gotten in the habit of using

Top Apps for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health

Within less than a decade of hitting the marketplace, smartphones evolved into devices many of us can’t imagine living without. According to a report from the Pew Research Center, 77

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in Recovery

Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom for drug and alcohol addicts, especially in the early phases of recovery. When you find yourself routinely lying in bed wide awake at 3

The High Financial Cost of Addiction

Substance misuse and co-occurring disorders take an enormous toll, both on the person who develops the addiction and everyone around them. While most people think about the cost of drug

How to Create and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

As the calendar turns from 2019 to 2020, many of us are planning to make a fresh start and leave old habits behind. If you have set New Year’s resolutions

What Makes Addiction a Family Disease?

If you’re living with a loved one who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may have heard someone like your therapist or counselor refer to addiction as a

Erasing the Stigma Around Mental Health

If you’re living with mental illness, such as addiction or a co-occurring disorder, you’ve probably experienced people blaming you – either implicitly or outright – for your disease. Unfortunately, there’s


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