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Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in Recovery

Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom for drug and alcohol addicts, especially in the early phases of recovery. When you find yourself routinely lying in bed wide awake at 3

The High Financial Cost of Addiction

Substance misuse and co-occurring disorders take an enormous toll, both on the person who develops the addiction and everyone around them. While most people think about the cost of drug

What Makes Addiction a Family Disease?

If you’re living with a loved one who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may have heard someone like your therapist or counselor refer to addiction as a

Erasing the Stigma Around Mental Health

If you’re living with mental illness, such as addiction or a co-occurring disorder, you’ve probably experienced people blaming you – either implicitly or outright – for your disease. Unfortunately, there’s

Avoiding Addiction Triggers on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a joyous occasion surrounded by family and friends, but for people in recovery, it can also be a stressful event that surrounds them with addiction triggers. If

How to Maintain Your Sobriety This Fall and Winter

Even in a beautiful place like Long Beach, fall and winter can be a challenging time for anyone – especially people in recovery from substance misuse. With fewer hours of

How to Have a Healthy Halloween in Recovery

If you’re in recovery from a substance misuse disorder, holidays like Halloween can be scary in more ways than one. At every turn, you may run into familiar relapse triggers

Alcoholism Is on the Rise in America

With the national spotlight on opioids and similar “hard” drugs, many people have lost sight of another growing addiction problem that is far more common: alcoholism. As a 2017 study

Addiction in Older Adults

Did you know 2.5 million older adults in the United States today have a drug or alcohol problem? There is a rising concern over the prevalence of substance abuse among

Ways to Observe National Recovery Month

Did you know September is officially designated as National Recovery Month? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, sponsors this annual observation to spread the positive message


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