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Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

What comes to mind when you picture a typical drug or alcohol addict? Is the person you’re envisioning well-off, or living from paycheck to paycheck? How old are they? No

How Family Members Play a Role in Recovery

As a close relative of someone with an addiction, you have a crucial part to play in supporting their successful recovery and helping them stay on the right track with

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Rehab Early

If you’re in the middle of a treatment program for your addiction, you may begin to feel confident enough in your progress that you believe you can go home early.

Why Recovering Alcoholics Should Avoid Non-Alcoholic Beer

On the surface, non-alcoholic beer may seem like a safe alternative to the real thing. However, if you are recovering from an alcohol abuse disorder, your therapist, counselor or fellow

Ways to Enjoy a Sober Summer Vacation

We’re in the midst of peak vacation season, but if you are still in the early stages of recovery, you may be unsure how to handle a sober summer vacation.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sober Summer Fun

Summer is a season of hot weather and outdoor celebrations. There are midsummer bonfires, backyard sports competitions, family get-togethers and street festivals to attend, and alcohol features prominently at many

The Most Common Excuses to Avoid Addiction Treatment

Deciding to enter a drug or alcohol rehab treatment program is never easy. Though you may know deep down you have a problem, you may believe you have the willpower

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders: Which Should You Treat First?

Co-occurring disorders do not discriminate. They can affect anyone, regardless of upbringing, education, age, race, financial situation or gender identity. When you simultaneously have addiction and a mental health disorder,

In-Network Addiction Treatment with Anthem BCBS

We at New Found Life believe in saving lives and rebuilding families through comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our programs prioritize each client’s physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs

Addiction Rehab: Separating Facts From Fiction

It is a sad reality that many Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and an even sadder fact that a large percentage of people who are addicted do not


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