make your bed

National Make Your Bed Day

Many of history’s most accomplished figures, from presidents to CEOs, swear by a simple daily ritual – making their beds every morning. While it might seem like a trivial chore, especially amid the chaos of addiction recovery, this humble habit holds surprising power. In honor of National Make Your...


Is My Husband an Alcoholic?

Though American culture has normalized drinking as a way for people to relax, unwind and blow off steam, alcohol is a dangerous and addictive drug. If your spouse regularly drinks, it’s natural to wonder if it’s become problematic. Contrary to TV and movie depictions, not all people with alcohol use...

PTSD after an overdose

PTSD After an Overdose

As the consequences of the opioid crisis continue to ripple, overdose remains a leading cause of injury-related death in the U.S., claiming approximately 130 lives a day. But this statistic alone doesn’t capture the complete picture of the crisis. For example, it fails to consider the long-lasting consequences for...

Supporting Rather Than Enabling: Guiding a Loved One Toward Recovery

If your loved one is struggling with an alcohol or substance use disorder, the interactions you have with them can greatly influence their recovery journey. Understanding the difference between enabling and supporting is crucial to contribute positively to their path toward recovery.   What Does Enabling Mean? At times, what appears as...

most addictive drugs

Most Addictive Drugs

Addiction is a complicated mental and behavioral health disease that can affect anyone, regardless of their belief system, income level, age or gender. Various factors can increase your likelihood of experiencing drug abuse problems, including genetics, environment, health history and substance of use. Still, some drugs have a higher...

what causes paranoia

What Causes Paranoia?

Paranoia is an irrational belief that you are in danger or that people want to harm you, even if there is no evidence to suggest that. Paranoia amplifies your fears, making you believe the world is an unsafe place. It can cause trust issues and profound suspicion about those...

cannabis-induced psychosis

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis

Since medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, many people living here believe it is a safe and even beneficial substance. However, any mind-altering drug can have adverse effects, especially if you start relying on cannabis to escape unwanted emotions. The higher-potency strains sold in dispensaries can...


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