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Finding Solace in Online Support Networks During COVID-19

During the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting need to self-isolate, preserving your mental health has become more crucial than ever. As you come to terms with the new reality of

Ways to Support Your Spouse in Rehab

Loving someone with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenge, especially if that person is your life partner. A relationship that started as mutually supportive and caring has

The Dangers of Quitting Cold Turkey

Addiction is an incredibly insidious disease. Nobody who starts drinking or using drugs does so because they hope to get hooked and destroy their health and relationships, but sadly, that’s

What Happens During a Blackout – and Why Are They So Dangerous?

If you frequently drink to excess, you may wake up the next day struggling to piece together your memories of the night before. You remember what happened up to a

How Addictive Substances Affect Your Immune System

Most people are aware of how long-term substance abuse can adversely affect both their physical and mental health by increasing the risk of developing issues like malnutrition, depression and some

How Does Rehab Help Build Structure?

Substance abuse is incredibly disruptive to every area of a user’s life, including their eating habits, sleep schedule, fitness regimen, work duties and family responsibilities. Eventually, your time will become

Using Your Health Insurance for Addiction Recovery

New Found Life is proud to announce that we are now an in-network provider for UnitedHealthcare® and Optum®, both of which are part of the UnitedHealth Network, the world’s largest

How to Create (and Keep) New Year’s Resolutions

As the calendar turns from 2019 to 2020, many of us are planning to make a fresh start and leave old habits behind. If you have set New Year’s resolutions

Tips for Having a Happy, Substance-Free Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for giving, togetherness and socializing with family and friends. It’s also the most self-indulgent time of year for many people. For more than a month between Thanksgiving

5 Must-Watch Documentaries About Addiction and Rehab

Everyone loves sitting down for a movie night, with the lights dimmed and a bowl of freshly popped popcorn to share. Many film critics and industry experts have noted that


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